Financial Structure and Management

As the leaders of a nonprofit organization, we are always searching for ways to communicate the organization’s needs to inspire donors, sponsors and funders. Yet, it can be daunting to translate your financial needs in a way that is compelling and well-defined. The Penterman Core Structure process can help you comprehensively translate numbers into words that make budget and finance easily accessible and understood. Our structure helps to create a budget language that makes it easy to respond to RFP’s and grants, as well as creating metrics for measuring fund development and outcomes. Let the numbers do their job so you can get on with yours.

This detailed planning and budgeting takes time and effort. But if you do it diligently you will create a strong financial base on which your organization can stand. By meticulously tracking all the small pieces that make up your core financial structure, you can quickly identify issues or challenges that need to be addressed before they can damage or bring down your whole tower. Calculating where you need to shore up and where you can release will keep your core financial structure strong.

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