Women of Influence: Carol Penterman, Penterman Professional Care

Penterman Professional Care provides in-home services for seniors, nanny placement and temporary childcare for parents and children, and professional concierge services for those with not enough hours in a day to get everything done.

What one person most influenced you to get where you are today, and how? My father was career military. …The lessons I learned from my father, both during his military career and after were invaluable… I learned to have the tenacity to get it done, to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals and to never ask someone else to do something I am not willing to do myself. Respect, integrity, reputation and your good name are your true legacy in life.

What was the biggest professional hurdle you’ve had to overcome, and how does it help you today? When I began my career as production stage manager in opera, the production crews were all male. At that time (as well as this) it’s a challenge to be the boss of all-men work crews. I learned to utilize all my skills … to get the job done, earn their respect and achieve the desired end results. This experience taught me how to think on my feet, adapt to any situation and how to get the best from my team to achieve a common goal.

What female executive in Nashville do you most admire, and why? Linda Eskind Rebrovick … is a consummate businesswoman [and] has been a top executive with companies like Dell and KPMG. She started her own company, which has grown to serve a global market. She has accomplished all of these things and many more while being a dedicated wife and mother and an active community leader.

Is America’s gender pay gap overblown or underappreciated? The discussion of pay equality touches a larger issue than just gender. As to pay, I am more concerned over pay inequality and the broadening gap between worker and executive compensation.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you? Probably stemming from my childhood, growing up on a farm in Nebraska, I love my chainsaw, cutting wood, plowing the driveway, mowing the lawn and hard physical labor. I get a great sense of accomplishment when a job is completed. It is my version of exercise.

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