The culture of a workplace - an organization's values, norms and practices have a huge impact on its ultimate success.
If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
A strong financial base is essential to keep an organization stable and secure.
Organization, preparation and attention to detail are keys to planning and executing an exceptional meeting or event

At Penterman Consulting

my first step is always to LISTEN to better understand your vision, values, goals and culture. Together we will find and implement the right solution to assist your business in achieving its maximum potential.

My extensive experience in the nonprofit sector has made me passionate about bringing disciplined financial management, expanded funding sources and focused executive leadership to our community.


My foundation of leadership has always been to engage all stakeholders in an organization’s vision, short and long-term goals, keep them pointed in the same direction as a team and ensure everyone has the resources they need to succeed. The key is to be sure you think big. As a devote of the Jim Collins and Verne Harnish business philosophy, I understand a goal should be big, audacious and inspiring. Throughout my career, I have always promoted challenging goals to keep the company moving forward.

It is important to remember that funders are passionate about certain issues important to them. Your grant application must be the perfect fit to have the highest potential for funding. It should show that the ethos of your organization can address the funders issue in a meaningful way. This is why research is a key component of the Penterman Process.

An organization’s budget is a best guess. The Penterman Core Structure model helps to ensure it is an educated guess. Our model gives the organization a strong foundation on which to operate, making the numbers easily relatable for all stakeholders. The Penterman Core Structure can help you comprehensively translate numbers into words that make budget and finance easily accessible and understood.

Proper event management planning is vital for any successful meeting or event. Things don’t just happen. People MAKE them happen. We look after all the elements of an event from concept to completion. The details of venue, staging, lighting, sound, dressing, bar, catering, staffing and execution are key components. The organization and coordination of these key elements can differentiate an amazing, impactful event from an ineffective, dreary meeting or event.

Experience Matters

Carol Penterman has been a leader in the not for profit community both in Middle Tennessee and nationally for over 35 years. As an industry professional, she brings knowledge and experience that will help change your organization. After 18 years as CEO of Nashville Opera Association, Carol’s entrepreneurial spirit lead her to apply her business experience and commitment to the broader community. She created Penterman Professional Care with three distinctive service lines focusing on the needs of seniors, parents and busy business professionals.

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